Nastiya's Village

"Enrich your  knowledge of the foreign matters, but never

              be ashamed of your native language or heritage"
                                             Taras Shevchenko


    My name is Anastasiya, and I grew up in Siberia, Tambov
    and Ukraine.
    Twenty years ago, I immigrated to Canada, and while I have
     a good life here, I go back to the old country every year to
     visit family and friends.

     In Canada, I maintain our culture by speaking Russian and
     Ukrainian with my family and my fellow Canadian   
     We observe the holidays, cook our special dishes
     and do traditional folk crafts in the old way.

     I have created this website as a meetingplace for people
     from the old and new country and anyone interested
     in our culture.

      If you would like to contribute, link to your page, or
      promote your business or event, please contact me at


         Welcome to Nastiya's Village!


      Welcome to Nastiya's Village!

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