My mother, my sisters and myself have always been creating

traditional embroidery and needlework,

especially on long winter evenings

when the cold wind was howling around the house.

Here are a few examples of the work I have done in recent years:

Lord's Prayer

I embroidered this Lord's Prayer for my firstborn grandchild. It took over 200 work
hours to make, and I had it framed and presented it at the Baptism.

I also like to make traditional images that I remember from my childhood:


Our Lord Jesus

Mary and Jesus

Mary and Jesus.




                        Although much smaller in size, these took much longer to make since the backgrounds had to be filled in.
                                                       Each took about 150 000 stitches and 250 hours of work to finish.

                                                 And this is how such work would have been displayed in an old farmhouse:

Lord's Corner

                    Behind the cross bunches of dried flowers which have been blessed during the Easter Service. Below that
                    Mary and Jesus and a corner shelf.
                    Few people had vases back then, and so an earthen creamjug like this one would have been used to hold fresh
                    field flowers during the summer.

                    This is a photo from my house in Canada, everyone alwyas sits in the kitchen where there is food, drink,
                     warmth and laughter. The living room is seldom used in the country - the kitchen is tyhe place where
                    life and love take place!

                  Here are some details of an Easter table cloth I made years ago which I like to bring out for the season :

                   Tablecloth                          Other Angle                         Other Ornament

                          It looks nice on the table on Easter Sunday morning when the family is gathered for breakfast after church.


Woman stiching

                              I also made traditional shirts for the children, ties for my son, and bows for my daughters
                  Embroidered Shirt                   Other Tie                        Blue Bow                                  



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             Another item I like to create are commemorative cups (how exactly they are made will remain my little secret)! I have made them for                                                          my  in-laws  Anniversary, my sister's 55th birthday, Graduations, Baptisms and other occasions.
                   Flowers from Cup                                            Flowers flowing from cup Flower cup


                                                The flowers flowing from the cup create the illusion of movement and make for a nice dynamic effect

Seashells flowing from cup

                                                           This one I made from seashells I gathered on the beach while on vacation in Cuba

                                          I still prefer to have paper copies printed of the photographs I take and display them in albums.

              AlbumFlower AlbumAlbum with frame cover

               The albums are embellished with different fabrics and ornaments which I buy in craft stores. You can add frames for extra photos
                on the cover or choose your design according to the occasion or the event to be commemorated.

        Two Albums                                                                           Ukrainian Trident  
                                      These make great presents too!    The one on the  right holds the photos of a vacation in Ukraine


                                                             Here is a variety of ornaments made mostly from old fabrics and beads
                   Rosette      Blue Rosette            Rosette Headband            Dark Blue Rosette           Pink Rosette

And my GranddaughterBaby wearing Rosettewearing one of my creations!

I like to customize cards for Easter and Christmas

Easter Cards

  Sometimes I'm asked to customize items for Baptisms, weddings and other events

                               Decorated Candle              Decorated Wine Glass                wine glasses   

Painting of woman doing needlework

                       If you are interested in any of these items, would like to share images of  crafts you create, or have a related business or event you would like to promote;
please contact me at



I recently finished this representation of the Holy Shroud.
These patterns are sold with the image printed, and you then decorate it by embroidering it with tiny beads.
The beads are weighed in the store to make sure you have the right amount.

                                    Embroidered image of the holy shroud     





   Village Silhouette.