ho does not like to get a postcard? And which immigrant does not sometimes miss the old country? Even if you immigrated to another country as a child you will have memories of places and people, TV shows, the unique sights and sounds and little details that make a place what it is.

blank old postcard

So this is the page where I share - and I hope you will too - images that have been sent to me or that I have found myself. They can be nostalgic, funny or simply curious - if it is reminiscent of the Russia and Ukraine that we have left, this is the place for it. Send me what you have found to
and I will post it on this page.

Enjoy the Postcards from Home!

Soviet Kosmonaut Poster     

                   Soviet Kosmonaut Poster


Banner thanking WW II vets


Caviar Burger

Old Postcards with Squirrel   

        Old Postcard - Russian Children holding Chickens    Lenin holdingCat                                                            

Russian Couple kissing in snowy Landscape Babushki on Kid's Carousel 

Chrustchev and Kennedy political Cartoon      Couple blowing soap bubbles 

Etching of St.Basil Cathedral   Huge Pancake Breakfast

                         Highheels from Wicker with Birchlog Heels Old Easter Postcard

Runners in old Propaganda Poster  Old Easter Card

February 23 Monument  Crying Navy Veteran

Veteran's Coat over Chair in Bedroom

  Soldier and Bear read Book   Bear waves Hi

Russian Cartoon Characters

Painting of People enjoying a Boat Ride         Puppet Cartoon Character on Space Rocket

Soviet Worker         Three Knights Illustration

Fun Picture of Kosmonauts

Boy's first Day at School
Chapel by Lake at Sunrise

Village Silhouette